Vision & Mission

The organisation’s purposes are to advance, for the benefit of the public, environmental protection, education, heritage, community development (particularly sustainable rural regeneration) and recreational activity by operating the Arran Geopark covering the area of outstanding geodiversity in and around Arran.

In so doing, the organisation shall have the following aims for the Geopark:-

  1. to conserve and enhance the geological, geomorphological and other heritage of the area;
  2. to promote the Geopark as an area for scientific study and research in the various disciplines of the Earth Sciences;
  3. to promote the understanding and enjoyment (including enjoyment in the form of recreation) of the special qualities of the area by the public;
  4. to promote sustainable economic and social development of the area’s communities in harmony with its natural resources;
  5. to manage the Geopark within the framework established by the Global Geoparks Network Charter under the umbrella of UNESCO.

Arran Geopark is a Registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC052706.


Our 5-year management plan is available to read here: Arran Geopark Management Plan 2021-2026. We would value your thoughts and comments on this, please contact us.

The “Geosites” marked on the map above are the most important geological locations of local, national and international value. Download the Geosites list here.

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